Tecno System srl designs, produces, and sells road sweepers appreciated worldwide for performance and reliability.

The road sweeper TS 6000 is characterized by a sturdy structure obtained by adopting high quality materials, and by a high capacity of suction and sweeping.

The performances are guaranteed by the independent auxiliary engine and by the mechanical transmission of power to the ventilator; extreme simplicity of use and maintenance.

All this to maintain over time the best features for reliability and cheapness.

The equipment for cleaning TS 6000 can of course be applied on the chassis of trucks of different brands such as: Man, Mercedes, Renault, Iveco, BMC.

TS 6000 is the best choice for companies of refuse collection involved in the municipal cleaning, and also the optimal response for businesses who work in the asphalting of roads.

TecnoSystem also repairs machinery for road cleaning: entire revisions or interventions designed and programmed with the customer.

Tecnosystemsrl is able to provide spare parts for your sweepers: brushes, hydraulic motors, rubbers protecting from dust, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, and any other spare consumables.

Tecno System is in the province of Padua (Italy) in the craft area of town of Ponte San Nicolo; (Ponte San Nicolò)