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Company history

TECNO SYSTEM born in 1990, when the founders Enrico and Davide, bringing to fruition the previous experience in the field of industrial cleaning, expand their market into the field of urban clearance.

In the late 90s, after having effectively proposed for repair and overhaul of equipment for road sweeping, the company introduced in the sale of the used means. Not simply marketing of used sweepers, but especially the sale of means completely overhauled in every component, braught back to new in mechanical and bodywork. An appreciated service that over time distinguished TECNO SYSTEM from its competitors .

Company historyIn 2002, the location changes: the company moves into a new and larger warehouse in the industrial area of Ponte San Nicolo' (Padova).

Over time TECNO SYSTEM specializes in the repair of sweepers model Bucher-Schoorling reaching in that an high standard of quality, so as to become an authorized Bucher workshop for repairs in northeast of Italy.

The dealings with Bucher end just before it decides to close its Italian production. Meanwhile the new anti-pollution laws with the various regulatory Euro 2, Euro 3 and so on, give a strong blow to the market of used machines.

Company history

The repairing of too old means is no longer convenient and so it starts to assemble completely revised equipments on chassis new from factory. It's the first step toward production.

The first changes are introduced to improve reliability and it begins the realization of CAD drawings for the production of parts.

Company historyIn 2005 born the first sweeper entirely built by TECNO SYSTEM: designed to run best not only in urban cleaning but also the heavy work required by enterprises working in asphalting roads.

Today, thanks to decades of experience, TECNO SYSTEM produces high quality means, and has a large spare parts warehouse that, thanks to close partnerships with suppliers, it allows to accomplish a service of after-sale punctual, rapid and effective: an additional guarantee for your sweeper.


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